About the Shadow Patriot

    My name is The Shadow Patriot. I am a Citizen Hero who patrols the streets of Nashville by night. During the day I promote America, her flag, her history and her heroes. I support the police and they, in turn, support my mission.

    I deliver food and clothing to our homeless population. Some of these items I purchase myself. Other items are donated by a small circle of individuals who are sympathetic to the cause.

    I aid tourists and locals in navigating our very confusing, construction filled streets. And I have become somewhat of an American Ambassador to our ever growing number of international visitors. There are many folks from around the world who now see me as the embodiment of what America is all about. I do not take this lightly. It is an honor and a privilege.

    I have chosen to reject apathy. I believe one person CAN make a difference. My mission is simple. Serve. Protect. Inform. Inspire.”

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